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    Does anyone know how to restore BBM chat history after an OS upgrade?
    I have the option to store chat history on the media card, but I'm missing part of my chat history that I need.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated

    04-12-11 08:46 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    ive never had chat history restore. then again, i have save history turned off. you can try making sure your BBM is backed up OTA via email address. once your phone is upgraded and restores your email settings, your BBM should start restoring automatically. this may restore what you need.
    04-12-11 11:52 PM
  3. amyswan's Avatar
    the thread has already been discussed here

    Hope you will research a bit before posting similar threads.

    Have a good day
    04-13-11 01:36 AM
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    I am bringing this up after just performing the 7.1 upgrade on my 9930, and my BBM chat history has vanished. Blackberry Protect doesn't have an option of restoring BBM chat history, and if I try Restore from BB Desktop Manager, the "BBM Conversations" item is greyed out and I'm therefore unable to restore it.

    Any ideas anyone?

    Weird that the update goes fine, it restores all SMS's, emails, phone logs, contacts...but not BBM Conversation logs.

    In reply to amyswan, the link you posted to another similar thread isn't applicable, and to save people looking at it, the thread has 3 posts, and one person says "open up a current chat with the contact you want to view. Menu key, scroll up and view chat history" .......however that doesn't work, it comes up blank, so that's not the answer.

    Thanks everyone!
    01-10-12 08:51 PM
  5. mughni's Avatar
    Same problem here..... been trying to get a solution but have found one yet.
    01-21-12 02:04 PM
  6. LennaK's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I just had the same problem, and agree, although it was previously "discussed here" on another thread, that thread did not provide a solution. :|

    I just had to do a clean reinstall of my Device Software and also lost all of my open BBM chat history. I finally figured out how to get it back.

    Please note though, that this will OVERWRITE your new BBM chats since your last backup. So, if you have chat history since you updated your device software, you will lose the most current chats in favour of getting the rest of your history back from before your update (if that makes sense) ... So, I would recommend if you need the current/new chats, you'll have to email your current chats to yourself, or copy and paste them to a document. At least you'll have them for reference, if not in your chat history. I think you will also lose any NEW contacts you added since you restored, so make a note of them, and re-add them, after you've done the following:

    Here's how I did it:

    Open your BBM, go to the menu via the BB button, then choose OPTIONS.

    Scroll down "Back up Management", click on "Restore" beside the "Restore a Backup of Your Contact List:".

    Then, pick "Restore using a backup file from media card" (if you used your media card to back up). Other options are "... from device", and "... using email". I don't know how to restore using email.

    This should bring you to a list of backup files saved on your device or media card.

    Scroll down and pick the most recent back up file (the date you backed up prior to the device software update). File name should be something like "BBM-(12-01-16-10-54).bak"

    It will prompt "The contact list will be replaced with the backup data, do you wish to proceed." If yes, click yes.

    Go back to BBM... you should now have your open chats restored. As well, you can open a contact's old chat history, by opening the contact, click the BB button to bring up the menu, then choose "View Chat History", and that will bring up older chats.

    It may take a few minutes to fully update, and you may have to update your profile pick again if it's changed since that backup.

    Just remember the next time you have to do a clean reinstall or OS update, do this restore step right after the update, so you don't lose any current chats or contacts due to the restore.

    Hope that helps! I was happy to get my open chats back... Oh, it should restore your group chats, too (I think).

    BB User
    Torch 9800 / 6.0 Bundle 1907
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    01-29-12 03:46 PM
  7. GlenF's Avatar
    Great info!!! Does this replace all chats or just the chat for the contact?
    02-15-12 01:45 PM
  8. LennaK's Avatar
    Hi. Sorry for the delayed response. It overwrites all of your current chats for all contacts. It basically restores your contact list and chats to the point where you last backed up. Hope that helps!
    04-07-12 01:26 PM
  9. logan_dslasher08's Avatar
    Thanks for the useful info Lennak. before trying it out though, I would like to know if someone knows how to do this (if possible) restore thing without having to overwrite the new ones.
    07-30-12 03:44 PM
  10. Jenny Anne Villena's Avatar
    I used bbm on my ipad, when i try to sign in using my iphone, it prompted to switched the devices and i lost all my chat history. How can I restore them? I dont see restore option.. I have save chat history on my settings. Thanks a lot.
    03-29-14 12:09 AM
  11. Jenny Anne Villena's Avatar
    Please help me .I used bbm on my ipad, when i try to sign in using my iphone, it prompted to switched the devices and i lost all my chat history. How can I restore them? I dont see restore option.. I have save chat history on my settings on the both devices. Thanks a lot.
    03-29-14 12:35 AM
  12. JJ2381's Avatar
    Please help. I need a bbm chat from an old contact about a month ago. It is for legal reasons but the save chat history wasnt on. Infact i didnt even know it existed. New to bbm and am using a S4. So i basically need the chat from this person who has deleted me as a contact in the meantime and run away. I am so frustrated and at the point of crying! Please please help! Thank you
    05-05-14 08:46 PM
  13. cloudgirl's Avatar
    Try looking in every single folder in your phone. There should be a file somewhere but you might not be able to view it

    If you didn't save chat history I don't think you can restore any chat
    07-31-14 09:37 AM
  14. michaelcpratama's Avatar

    I have Bold 9790. BBM version 7.0.1
    Last week I had problem with my BBM Chat history. I always had it saved in the Device. But last week when I wanted to View Chat History of my contacts..it showed *empty* :'(
    In the past, I did a manual backup (because I'm unable to do the backup on the Blackberry Desktop Software, it always had an error when it's almost complete), then reformat the Built-In memory, then restore the data back into the Device, and all the Chat History is back.
    But this time...bad luck..I tried the manual backup & reformat for 2-3 times but the View Chat History is still empty. When I look at the im folder..the csv.rem files for BBM Chat History are still in there.
    Please help me. I need to refer to my contacts' chat history.

    Also, when I read this discussion... I couldn't find this Option in my BBM:
    Scroll down "Back up Management", click on "Restore" beside the "Restore a Backup of Your Contact List:".

    Hope to hear very soon.
    Thank you very much
    11-03-14 08:23 PM