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    I have written a new tutorial and there is something there for those members and visitors that are diehard users of Blackberry phones:

    Anyhow, I show on my blog Redacacia how to read remotely temperature with recourse to Bluetooth from a microcontroller (mbed-enabled Freescale FRDM-KL25Z) and temperature sensor (Microchip TCN75A) on a Digilent BASIC I/O shield. The interesting part is that I have written an App for my Blackberry Bold 9900 with Mobile Processing.

    I have also shared an App for Android written with App Inventor.

    An image of how the temperature readings looks like on Blackberry Bold 9900 screen is shown below. So here is the link to the tutorial:

    Remote Viewing of Temperature with FRDM-KL25Z and TCN75A on Basic I/O Shield | RedAcacia

    The Blackberry App should work on OS6 and earlier Java versions OS. Also it should work on Java OS Nokia phones, and others of Java OS.

    I have not made moved to BB10 yet. Most likely I will not, as I am disappointed with how as a Playbook user I have been so badly mistreated by RIM, like all others here most likely feel.

    Here is the screenshot:
    Remote temperature reading with Blackberry (with OS7)-screen_20140422_134248.jpg
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    This would be very cool (No pun intended) if it were coded for BlackBerry 10

    If you like your playbook BlackBerry 10 is something you will enjoy

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    Playbook may serve as a brick for hitting on the head of RIM“s CEO if I could

    I doubt I will ever buy any Blackberry after being misled that Playbook will have a new OS (I think I read here!). Not even Bluetooth SPP has been opened up, among many other complaints I have on RIM's policy. RIM seems to have no respect for users (diehards like me!).

    Anyhow to code for BB10 I will need to have to buy a BB10 phone!
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