1. iamkimosabi's Avatar
    i just got installed a hybrid os with a java folder from berrylicious.

    would it be safe to update my bbm apps and factory apps from the app store or would that mess up the hybrid settings?

    also, what are the effects, advantages, and possibilities with this hybrid os? i believe i have the one that is for 7.1 for 9930 verizon here. thx in advanced guys.

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    10-04-12 01:38 AM
  2. sedalia066's Avatar
    If you installed a hybrid and the phone is working correctly then updating your apps is a fine step. Those Java swap hybrids are easy to install and so far the BL versions have always worked for me and my phones.

    In general the reason for a hybrid is to bring the best functions available to the phone. The goal of the programmer is to pick the best of the files for the specific phone. Sometimes the function is much better and sometimes not. Lots depends on the individual device and the apps on the phone and maybe other factors.

    One of the greatest parts of owning a BB phone is the ability to try a new OS now and then. Never a problem to revert if something goes awry. Enjoy the trial and join the discussion about the OS you are using to report your own observations.
    10-04-12 07:31 AM