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    I know this may get lost with all the excitement of the leak and hybrids today but I just remembered I wanted to ask this question..

    On my Verizon Tour my File Total is 186122240 Bytes, its always been that way as long as I can remember - with the stock OS, the first 5.0 leak and some of the various hybrids - it seems to be pretty much a static number. (I know the File Free changes based on whats installed, etc...). This weekend I was helping a friend migrate from her old Curve to a Tour, I happened to check her File Total and it was 190something Bytes. Her's is stock, literally out of the box, Did they change something with later versions of the Tour to give that additional space or is that something I've lost from all my shuffling? (I would swear mines been 186MB since I first got it...)

    Not a big deal, I'm typically hovering around 125-128MB Free anyway, I'm just curious what might cause that...
    01-05-10 08:52 AM