1. petworks97's Avatar
    I upgraded to this morning on my storm 2 and noticed that my bbm's don't seem to be going through properly. I also noticed that the "d" and "r" don't always show up. Anyone else having this problem? I did a battery pull and it didn't make a difference.
    12-18-09 08:47 PM
  2. SMJUCmoose's Avatar
    Yes there are a couple of us having this problem. no idea why though.
    12-18-09 08:52 PM
  3. indy229's Avatar
    No issues with mine. Installed with the new leak. It is a pretty nice improvement compared to the older version. Do like how you can see that someone is responding to your message when they are typing you back. I am not a bbm guru by any means but haven't noticed any issues with the new update.
    12-18-09 08:58 PM
  4. Donny7's Avatar
    I was having this problem with my BBM for about 20-25 mins from 7PM-7:25PM approx.. I did two reboots and then it started working again.. I don't think it was a problem with the new BBM most likely just some info getting bottlenecked
    12-18-09 09:00 PM
  5. SMJUCmoose's Avatar
    I have to .428 leak and the new .56 bbm and im getting a delay in the sending and receiving messages.
    12-18-09 09:01 PM
  6. carlos320's Avatar
    same problem here... sometime shows the D and R, i hope the fix that problem soon
    12-18-09 09:07 PM
  7. joford86's Avatar
    So far so good with mine no issues yet. I hope it stays that way.

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    12-18-09 09:26 PM
  8. petworks97's Avatar
    just did another battery pull and it seems to be working again. One thing I noticed was that when the phone started to boot there was the normal black screen with the clock for a few seconds but there was a white dotted line right above the clock. I never saw this before. Anyone else see this. It's only for about 10 seconds while the clock is shown in the center of the black screen, right before the blackberry logo shows up with the status bar.
    12-18-09 09:29 PM
  9. jp.verbs's Avatar
    i am having problems with the option of sending my location. it say unable to retrieve my location
    12-18-09 09:53 PM
  10. silenttt123's Avatar
    I haven't had any problems yet either lol

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    12-18-09 09:57 PM
  11. TaZ52083's Avatar
    I had that problem to this morning. What i did was a battery pull and retry to download and it work for me.
    12-19-09 01:12 AM
  12. Michael2980's Avatar
    Has anyone noticed that when you receive a picture and download it not preview it...you have a brown or black line at the left of the picture or is it just me? I think this is was an old bug way back in my storm 1 days
    12-19-09 10:18 AM
  13. Jaybird-flys's Avatar
    I have to .428 leak and the new .56 bbm and im getting a delay in the sending and receiving messages.

    Same problem i had last night... Delays all over..
    12-19-09 10:22 AM
  14. outrageouscreationz's Avatar
    my girlfriend and i are have a delay problem, then all at once all the message will go throught
    12-19-09 10:42 AM
  15. StanLee15's Avatar
    my problem is i don't see any pictures and my contacts can't see mine... does anyone know what the problem is?
    12-19-09 10:52 AM
  16. TaZ52083's Avatar
    Last night my bbm wasn't delaying.
    12-19-09 10:52 AM
  17. StanLee15's Avatar
    nobody has a problem with the messenger pictures of their contacts?

    evrybody i know with a blackberry doesn't have the problem i have with mine...
    12-22-09 03:26 AM