1. caseydietz's Avatar
    I'm trying to find my prl on my 8330 running OS 5 v8.2 from Nathanix, and when I dial #HELP* it yields nothing, just calls the number. Is this something that is specific to 5.0...???
    01-12-10 06:33 PM
  2. TNuggs13's Avatar
    Just dial #2 and send (green button) I was told by an in-store rep that this updates it. If it needs updating it will seem like it's not connecting and then the CS stuff will start with all the options for CS help. Just hang up and the PRL should be updated. Not saying it's totally correct (heard from a rep) that's just what I was told and after doing this I found that my service status stayed more consistant.
    01-12-10 08:08 PM
  3. caseydietz's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply!!! I think I was maybe a bit unclear in my post, I was not necessarily looking to update my prl, I just was more or less wondering if the option for #HELP* was available in OS 5 so you could see your prl...

    01-13-10 06:16 AM