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    So I did some tests today and came up with a theory about why some userse experienced heavy bugs after de 10.3 update and others just the low volume notifications bug, like myself. The main cause was: using autoloaders. Most of you already knew that, but I tried to figure out what exactly was wrong with those autoloaders, and I found the response to be quite common among the problems of the factory-os manipulations.
    From my experience of trying to change several OS-s source code, bricking devices, recompiling linux distributions etc. I found out that if it was one thing that always grinded my gears, it was related to the processor's and other component instructions and native drivers that weren't compatible with the OS due to the poor changes I made without knowking exactly what I was doing.

    So, from what I've read and tried, autoloaders wipe everything, but not enough and too much at the same time. And I noticed the following:
    - users that loaded autoloaders and then received an update from blackberry, experienced the worst bugs: heavy lags, nasty swipe experiences, zero network recognition etc. ;
    - users that loaded autoloaders and updated with sachesi to a more close version to the one that blackberry pushed for their devices and then officialy updated to the version they received experienced less bugs along with the classic heating and low battery life which is specific to the post-update period;
    - users that did not use autoloaders and waited for their updates or used sachesi along with they operators credetials to find and install the update experienced only the notorious low volume notifications bug and the post-update effects that I previously mentioned.

    Therefore, as many of you know, processors's and other important components from your smartphone come with their own set of C/C++ instructions that get updated along with the OS update, but not always. Almost every time an update description mentions the expression "performance fix/improvements" means that the instructions were modified along with the update. By using autoloaders, you may alter those instructions and mess them up. After that, by updating it by using the push update from blackberry (or OTA), that update proceeds with the modifications as if you were running the OS that your phone came with or was last loaded before using the autoloaders, thus bypassing the fact that your set of instructions loaded in your components was altered after the autoloader was installed. In conclusion, your OS is not working well with the sets of instructions and then the bugs apper: the radio/antenna is not recognized, the processor is not managing it's tasks as the OS requires, the touch is lazy etc.

    After thinking of this, I asked a few people which installed autoloaders and then officialy updated and experienced the heavy bugs to install an autoloader of the version their phone came with and update step by step with sachesi to the last version of 10.2 and then OTA the 10.3 update or find it witch sachesi. After this, the status of their phone was similar to a one which was updated with the push updates from BlackBerry, so normal - even with the low volume notifications.
    They tried it on a Q5, a Q10 and Z10, so only 10.2 original devices.
    The point is that the migration from 10.2 to 10.3 is huge, even from the first 10.3 versions to the last, so it kinda makes sense why the phones end up that bad after installing the official update de 1565 for example.

    I am asking the people who feel like they want to throw out the window their updated BlackBerry device to try this.

    It's just a theory, don't judge me to bad if I said something stupid.

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    03-04-15 08:40 AM
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    It's been a known fact for someone like me who has seen a hundred different OSes come down the pike that OTA installs are notoriously buggy. I tell every single person who has an issue with an OTA install to use and autoloader. It solves a lot of issues. There are some known bugs however and BB needs to address those things that even an autoloader can't fix.
    03-04-15 09:21 AM
  3. MuzafarAhmad's Avatar
    I didn't use any uploader and I m stick to official release only but my hotspot isn't working.

    Posted via CB10
    03-04-15 10:17 PM

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