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    How does one go about submitting a bug to RIM for native apps?

    I've got a new Bold 9900 running OS and I've come across two bugs with the podcast app version

    The first one is that the app doesn't remember your progress properly if you listen to a podcast while the Blackberry is locked/holstered. Here is how to reproduce the bug:
    1. Start your podcast
    2. Lock screen/insert Blackberry into holster
    3. Play podcast for how ever log, pause/resume the podcast while holstered
    4. Pause podcast
    5. Pull Blackberry from holster and/or unlock it. If you go into the podcast app the timeline slider is at the original position from when you locked/holstered your device.

    If you close the Podcast app at that point it will not remember your progress. You need to pause/unpause it one more time to update the timeline slider.

    The second bug is randomly when I unpause a podcast by using the soft button on the touch screen it will restart the podcast at 0:00. I haven't experienced it with the hardware button. I've checked and I'm not fat fingering the skip button instead of unpause.

    So how can I get these to RIM because I love the Podcast app and want to keep using it. My old Torch 9800 on OS didn't have these problems.

    I also just noticed that if I go to App World and try to find the latest version of the Podcast App it says "This application is not available on your device or for your carrier". Guessing RIM doesn't actually have an OS 7 version of the Podcast App ready? I tried to download it manually from RIMs site and it says it doesn't support my device.

    Anyone else having problems?

    Anyone know what the current version of the Podcast App is?
    08-13-11 06:26 PM
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    I got a reply back from RIM and they said these two issues had been documented and were/have been passed on to their development team.

    So bug fixes coming sometime in the future I guess.

    I also submitted two more bugs and a feature request. RIM then told me the Beta Zone was for active betas only and to talk to my carrier's tech support if I'm running into problems with the Podcast App. I guess carrier tech support can submit bugs to RIM. Sounds like a great way to waste of hours of my life on the phone.

    I suggested to RIM that since you can't get the Podcast App off App World right now and if you try to download it manually from their site it says the 9900 is not supported then technically it sounds like I'm using beta software. I'm not expecting a reply to that.
    08-18-11 10:48 AM