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    I'm looking for an app for my old Torch 9810 that would allow it to act as a Bluetooth keyboard / mouse combination.

    It would have to be compatible with any Bluetooth device that supports standard "bluetooth keyboard" and "bluetooth mouse" profiles.

    I would pair it with my Z30 and when it's plugged into my TV via HDMI, I'd use my old not-worth-trying-to-sell-or-trade-in-but-otherwise-fully-functional Torch 9810 as a keyboard / mouse to control the Z30.

    Of course i'd also pair it with my HTPC and even my Nexus 5 and my iPhone (if possible) to be able to type on a physical keyboard!

    Old BBOS 7 devices are selling at aftermarket prices in the $50 range... which is about the price of a miniature bluetooth keyboard or mouse on its own!

    And, if you really wanna ROCK it, create a companion BB10 app that would act like Chromecast: I can browse to a URL on my Torch 9810 and then go to the browser menu and "throw" what I'm watching to BB10 and have it start playing on my Z30.

    Maybe BlackBerry Ltd. could develop this themselves and put it up for sale.

    Of course, it would also work with my PlayBooks.

    Oh and I guess it would be great if it supported multiple profiles or some way to ensure that if I have it paired to multiple devices, selecting which device I want to control at any moment was easy to select (so I don't have to actually re-pair the devices every time I switch between various "slave" devices).

    I'd pay $5 for the basic functionality and honestly I'd pay up to $10 for the whole enchilada.

    Any BBOS devs out there interested in making a few more bucks off that platform?
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    12-15-13 01:47 PM
  2. SubCamp's Avatar
    Wow great idea OP, I definitely would pay for this as well.. It's kinda like the BBOS bridge with the PlayBook

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    12-15-13 02:01 PM
  3. eldricho's Avatar
    That would be awesome! I could use my mom's old 9810 so it doesn't stay off the whole time

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    12-15-13 02:03 PM
  4. RyanGermann's Avatar
    Does anyone think any BBOS devs would be inclined to build this, or would it fall to BlackBerry?
    12-16-13 04:08 AM

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