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    Some of our users are on wifi as cell coverage is not the best everywhere. As of about 2 months ago the problem started whereby a PIN sent to one of these phones delivered with 3-10 minutes of delay - while the phone is in wifi area, has 3-4 bars (good signal), and shows the BB dots next to the wifi symbol, meaning it's connected to Blackberry Infrastructure over the wifi.
    This started date-coincident when we got a new firewall for the business.
    It never happens when the BB is on wifi through some external hotpsot. It never happens when the BB is on the cellular network. Only happens when the BB is on wifi in our corporate environment.
    Our IT guys are scratching their heads and me too.
    What we have observed is that when I send a PIN to one of these BB-s that's on wifi, and if it's not going through right away, the moment I originate a PIN from the target phone, it will send it immediately, and then receive the pending PIN immediately. The impression we are getting is that if the BB doesn't have any IP traffic, its connection to the BB infrastructure goes "dormant" for lack of a better word, and it "wakes up" when IP traffic is originated from the phone, or every 10 minutes. And yes, it's the other thing: the delay is never more than 10 minutes, as it appears that the BB checks in with the BB infrastructure every 10 minutes. There is no time-out settings on the Access Points, and the firewall has a 1hr time-out on inactive sessions.
    Since we are currently just shooting in thr dark, the best would be to understand how the protocol work between a BB (OS7) and BB infrastructure. I haven't found that documented anywhere, and I also spent hours searching BB KB articles, to no avail.
    11-17-17 01:01 PM

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