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    Recently we have been coming across an issue with PGP on our blackberries. Basically PGP becomes unable to locate any keys from our universal server. It therefore defaults to plain text and sends the message in clear. If the user then manually selects ‘PGP sign and encrypt’ it searches for a few seconds then says it cannot find the relevant key.

    It has happened multiple times for different users/handsets with no real indication or pattern to it. The users have all had the devices working perfectly for different periods of time; Some a couple of weeks, others nearly 2 years. The issue doesn’t always get resolved the same way. For example on some occasions the issue seems to fix itself without any intervention, other times it requires clearing of the cache and then re-downloading the keys (sometimes multiple times with battery pulls inbetween). If that doesn’t work then a re-activation with the BES server tends to do the trick. Just to clarify, the BES server is working beautifully in every other aspect.

    If anyone has come across this problem before and knows of either a one-stop solution for this issue or even better some way of preventing it from occurring that would be most appreciated
    12-11-12 08:14 AM
  2. funksh1n's Avatar
    I'd take a look at the log on the PGP Universal Server - look for "client" activity. Do you see any errors? Are the keys for internal or external users or no apparent pattern?

    If you don't see the BES hitting the PGP Universal Server in the logs, then perhaps it's a DNS issue on the BES.

    If it is when users attempt to send to users outside the internal email environment, then perhaps the issue is with DNS on the PGP Universal Server.

    I have seen this issue every once and a while, often because of signal issues where the device doesn't finish it's query with the PGP Universal Server. Restarting the device or clearing the cache are the goto fixes for PGP + BES + BlackBerry.
    01-18-13 09:19 PM

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