08-18-14 12:14 PM
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  1. gregory_opera's Avatar
    Just touching on what mkoby said, because KeePass is "Open Source", this means that anyone can see the (computer) code behind the application and edit it as they see fit...

    Whilst this may at first seem like a bad idea, in the Open Source Community, it usually means that the bug/loop-hole is plugged-up pretty quickly (especially for major projects like KeePass); for most Open Source software, bugs/loop-holes are usually reported and/or plugged-up VERY quickly.

    Furthermore, the encryption algarythms (yes, I know it's spelt wrong) used in KeePass are the same as those used in many (very) high-level Goverment agencies, so that alone means that it should be highly unlikely that someone will crack your KeePass Database file - combine this with an appropriate master password and the chances of someone cracking your private data in KeePass are almost nil!

    An "ideal" password would be something that is at least ten characters long, contains numbers and mixed-case letters, plus is COMPLETELY random with no ties to yourself (eg. No names, etc)... The longer and more random it is, the harder it will be for someone to crack!

    Remember, you don't have to remember millions of passwords, just your master password.

    Of course, if you're paranoid like me, you'll have a 20 character password that is COMPLTELY random, made up of numbers and mixed case letters... And is changed about every six months! ;-)

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    03-12-08 03:52 AM
  2. crizo's Avatar
    Any help on this please???
    03-12-08 02:26 PM
  3. Xopher's Avatar
    Another vote for KeePass here as well. I find it very useful and pretty easy to use. The nice thing about it is I can store the database on my SD card, so no matter how large the database gets, it won't take up valuable internal BB memory (just the app is stored on the BB itself). I have password protection turned on on my BB and the microSD card is encrypted to the BB, so the data on it has a little bit of added security if pulled from the BB.
    03-12-08 02:38 PM
  4. kmc979's Avatar
    i use it to store my online passwords. i try and keep my passwords about the same, but some sites have their "rules" so it is different. at work i have to change my password all the time so sometimes i forget what it is. i don't keep any cc info on it. i really like it, all you have to do is remember one password to access all your others.
    03-12-08 02:42 PM
  5. jsanders's Avatar
    Any help on this please???
    Yep, enter the PK application.

    Click the trackball, click CHANGE PASSWORD.

    You will be prompted for a new password.
    03-12-08 02:46 PM
  6. Riley2521's Avatar
    Question on password keeper...is there a default password to enter the first time you open it??
    03-12-08 02:51 PM
  7. jsanders's Avatar
    No. Create one the first time. THAT will be your password for Password Keeper only.
    03-12-08 02:52 PM
  8. Riley2521's Avatar
    I don't think I'll use it....can I just delete the password keeper?
    03-12-08 02:57 PM
  9. Ji1HoNg's Avatar
    You can if you want, but I think it's rather useful for a free password keeper.

    I have all my sensitive info in there including credit card and bank account numbers. It doesn't hurt to keep it. It may come in handy for you later on. If you don't like looking at it you could always just "Hide" the application too.

    03-12-08 03:30 PM
  10. SpenBPT's Avatar
    hi! i didnt set up my password keeper but i believe my dad did and he doesnt no the passwordi have 1 attempt left if i use this attempt and get it rong,wot will happen?..will i never have password keeper again?
    05-11-08 10:38 AM
  11. FF22's Avatar
    From what I understand, if you enter the PASSWORD wrong too many times, ALL DATA, if any in that PassKeeper application, will be erased. Then you can start Password keeper again, and give it a password you will remember. If should not affect the rest of your phone.

    Good luck
    05-11-08 03:18 PM
  12. MandaLyn's Avatar
    ...with it ONCE! Basically is hold all passwords (or important info) for various things that you want, i.e. bank details, pc login, etc, etc. But, don't dare forget the password to get into it, you only have 10 attemps (I think) to get in, after that it wipes it clean...

    All-in-all, it's OK...
    I have tried EVERY password I can think of to get into it and can't figure out which one it is. How can I get it reset. I called Sprint and got tranferred to two places (Blackberry being the last) and then it just hung up on me. I have only one try left. I never put anything in it so what could it delete?
    05-16-08 11:24 AM
  13. FF22's Avatar
    Just enter that one last wrong password. It will then reset (any data will be gone) and you can then start it up anew and create a password you will remember.
    05-16-08 04:10 PM
  14. yogi's Avatar
    Thank you all for the informations.
    05-17-08 06:19 AM
  15. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    I like password keeper. I have 20 different passwords for work so it helps
    05-17-08 07:11 AM
  16. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    I got rid of that awhile ago...
    05-17-08 12:37 PM
  17. all4ya's Avatar
    Is there a way to sinc the password keeper with your computer? That would be handy in case you misplace your blackberry you can have a back up of all your stored passwords on your computer. And you can sinc it with your new blackberry. If password keeper does not sinc, is there a program that does?
    07-07-08 07:06 PM
  18. MrBill54's Avatar
    I use Missing Sync on my Mac for my BB data. It doesn't support Password Keeper backups. So, I use BB Desktop Manager on a PC to backup my data too. Is there a way to view/print/edit that backup on the PC? It would be nice to print a copy of all my Password Keeper data.

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    10-10-08 01:06 AM
  19. CipherDias's Avatar
    Yeah I find it useful...
    10-10-08 04:14 AM
  20. dredayholiday's Avatar
    I just recently started using password keeper and it is excellent. I use it to keep track of all my online usernames and passwords as well as all my credit card and banking account and card numbers. It saves me so much time when I have to call customer service. My password is also a random word with weird spellings...so if anyone found my phone they couldn't get into it anyway. I think it's one of the best aspects of the BBerry.
    10-10-08 12:18 PM
  21. flchick75's Avatar
    What's the big deal about it anyway? I don't get it. I save everything in a memo and password protect my BB.

    To me its easier, I can freehand everything too so I don't have to confirm to some silly areas to fill out.

    Can anyone tell me why it's better than doing a memo??? I may delete it because the extra memory is probably better lol
    10-10-08 06:09 PM
  22. kawi650r's Avatar
    I use it to keep bank info and CC info.
    Not a good idea. If someone can hack World Bank, they can hack your BB. I dont keep anything but passwords for forums and stuff like that. Maybe im just too paranoid
    10-10-08 08:47 PM
  23. stewdaddy's Avatar
    I use it. But the only thing I keep in there is the details of the Roswell Landing, where Hoffa is burried and the details on the JFK assasination.

    Oh, and my Crackberry.com password.
    10-10-08 09:01 PM
  24. dredayholiday's Avatar
    Not a good idea. If someone can hack World Bank, they can hack your BB. I dont keep anything but passwords for forums and stuff like that. Maybe im just too paranoid
    This is true. I mean I'm kind of paranoid myself with things like that, but all my credit cards have fraud protection and I only store the card number and expiration date, those are things anyone can get pretty easily, even the customer service reps when you call to pay a bill over the phone have at least that information. I've never heard of a Blackberry getting hacked; it's more dangerous to pay a bill online or over the phone in my opinion.
    10-12-08 09:55 AM
  25. adamlund's Avatar
    Just wondering if there is a way to "export" the password data, or to access if from my PC and export it to Excel or Access. Seeking to create a backup of the file accessible somewhere other than on the Blackberry. Doable?

    Adam (Newbie)
    11-12-08 01:02 PM
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