1. eddiek's Avatar
    Each time I have done an upgrade to my device OS, all of my recurring, all-day events like birthdays and anniversaries get messed up. They are set up as 12am to 12am events, but after the upgrade they switch to 4am to 4am events that now span 2 days. Does anyone know why this happens? Even better, does anyone know how to prevent this because it takes some time for me to go back and correct them?
    07-02-09 09:42 AM
  2. Billykmd's Avatar
    Just a thought, but maybe the time zones have to correlate with your device and the desktop manager. Esp since the time is 4am consistently...
    07-02-09 09:46 AM
  3. eddiek's Avatar
    That's a good thought, but I checked, and both my BB and Outlook are on the same time zone. What I find curious is that holidays aren't affected at all. Since these are also all-day events, I would expect them to get jacked up as well.
    07-02-09 10:03 AM