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    I have just updated my touch screen phone to the next latest when I got 1 hour of peace and im glad I did!

    The stability, speed and battery of this system has made it for me!

    I like reviewing systems and this one was a pleasure.

    Ill break this one up. The comparisons are to the .342 os.

    Stability: for the few days I've had this system on, the phone didn't lag. Only once when I tried switching between 5 apps open. When I'm always on "close" mode, no lag. Also, on .342, I used to have lag when typing in the browser and this update fixed all of that!

    Speed: well, this phone is down to the fact that it keeps os 7 speed without compromise. What more do you want? Speedy and almost 0 lag.

    Battery: 1200 MaH isn't a problem anymore! The battery is superb and as a heavy user, day to night; 14 hours.

    This os has been a great advancement for this phone and has made battery not much of a criticism point anymore.

    Well done RIM!

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    06-17-12 08:42 AM
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    Alright, here we go. I do not reccomend this operating system anymore for some bugs and issues now.

    I usually used 2G with my carrier as 3G was an extra cost and not a necessity.

    However, recently, my carrier offered free 3G at the same cost as my 2G plan. Obviously, as a no brainer, I took it.

    I switched network to 3G mode and then first, my phone over heated and battery drain went straight from 3% to 17.3%

    After that apalling issue, I decided to switch back to 2G. When trying to do that, the phone auto rebooted. For no absolute reason.

    Every time I do that, it will reboot.

    The phone was having 4-5 hours on one charge. Compared to the 13 hours before.

    That's why I won't reccomend this build as a newer much better .569 has come out and I am using it so please use this one and not the previous build as it is a pain in the neck.

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    08-02-12 07:15 AM
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    Let's see, who's using this build as of now?!

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    08-04-12 04:19 AM