1. anicholas7#CB's Avatar
    I originally downloaded the .419 OS that was released to MTS users (I am on Verizon) and it worked great with the exception of the speed dial. Never got it to work properly. I now downloaded Verizons .328 OS and the speed dials work perfectly but I lost the popup keys. Is there a way to intergrate a hybrid with the .328 that will enable both to work. If so can you post the link on how to do it. Thanks.
    01-16-10 05:05 PM
  2. anicholas7#CB's Avatar
    I should have posted in the OS forum. Moderater please feel free to move this post. Sorry.
    01-16-10 05:38 PM
  3. amavit's Avatar
    What keyboard were you using with .419? I believe I read that if you use the condensed keyboard the speeddials will work, but they won't with the full keyboard. I'm not sure though. As for hybrids, there are some by Lyricidal and one of a kind pc. I don't have any links, but check in the OS section for them.
    01-16-10 05:41 PM
  4. anicholas7#CB's Avatar
    I tried all the keyboards and the speed dial would work the first time then stop. I was just trying to find out if I install a hybrid over the official OS would I get the best of both worlds (Popup keys and a functioning Speed Dial).
    01-16-10 06:43 PM