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    Anyone notice or have a workaround for organizing photos on the SD card? On my previous devices I could easily move photos to folders I created. But now on OS 7, you can't, you have to plug it into a PC and organize as you like.

    After tinkering more... I found out how to do. Make sure the pictures are still in the camera folder. From there you can move the file to whichever folder you'd like. I always saved my photos from emails and MMS to the picture library, so then they would show as unfiled and you cannot move them. The previous OSís were not like this.

    But, once you move the photo to a folder, you cannot move it out of the folder you just moved it into. Whatís the deal?
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    You can still move it. Just select the images, cut, highlight the folder you want them in and paste.
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    04-25-12 04:15 PM
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    There we go, the answer I was looking for. I overlooked the cut part because I was only looking for move to folder.

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