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    This is not mine and I do not take credit for this. I had copied this a couple days ago from a Spanish-language blog though I don't remember which. I copied and translated it, its a good read but I'm not sure it makes sense. What are your thoughts? BTW, if anyone knows who wrote this please feel free to post a link to it or direct the author here.


    "BlackBerry should continue to develop upon the legacy OS and transform it into a sort of BB10-lite if you will. A continuance of the current legacy OS can help BlackBerry continue to deliver great products for emerging markets while not having to invest fully in a BlackBerry 10 launch and keep costs down. BlackBerry could push the legacy OS into version 8 by tweaking the UI to match the BlackBerry 10 look and feel while still keeping the core OS intact. Let's be honest, releasing premium devices like the Z10 and Q10 in an emerging market won't always be successful, mainly because of the price point. BlackBerry has said themselves that they have no plans for budget-minded devices, and its mainly because of spec requirements for BlackBerry 10. But if BlackBerry was to continue evolving the BlackBerry 7 OS by simply giving it a slight UI refresh and simple enhancements, BlackBerry could easily add more fuel to its current rocket of a comeback. By upgrading the devices customers are desperately clinging on to, as well as introducing new low cost devices with a refreshed look, BlackBerry could position itself once again as the go to company for people who want great products to keep them moving. We've seen companies release budget devices in emerging markets and its helped them gain market share from BlackBerry's losses, such is the case with Nokia's lower-end Lumia 620 and the recently announced 520 and 720 devices. A BlackBerry 8 OS upgrade from 7.1 could indeed help BlackBerry ensure its future in the smartphone race."
    04-04-13 08:12 PM
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    BlackBerry would be crucified in the press for this and it would tarnish the whole platform. Better to license to Chinese manufacturers like Huawei and ZTE. Don't forget they actually lose money every bb7 device sold.

    Posted via CB10
    04-04-13 09:31 PM

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