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    Hi guys, I wrote a blog post about how RIM is perceived in the media and how this needs to change. In it, I included an idea to use BBM as a corporate messaging tool in Mobile Fusion (for Android and iOS as well). My whole blog post was lengthy, so if you don't want to read the whole thing, here's the part that includes my opinion on BBM in the corporate world.

    By offering a slimmed-down version of BBM to non-BlackBerry users in Mobile Fusion (Android and iOS devices) that possibly only includes messaging and group messaging and not all the features of BBM like photo and video sharing, broadcast messages, etc business users could all have a common instant messaging platform to use and would hopefully eventually adopt it as the industry standard (leaving behind any 3rd party messaging apps). Once BB10 launches with its slew of new features and OS improvements, one can only assume that an updated BBM is also on the way which would hopefully incorporate Video Chat. If the marketing for BB10 is done well, the corporate users may have enough incentive to switch back to BlackBerry, and their previous use of BBM on the other platforms would make for an easier transition. They would see that the new BBM includes many new features only accessible to BlackBerry handsets. At this point, they may have become so reliant on BBM as a corporate messaging tool, that they decide to switch back to BlackBerry to take advantage of the new features.

    I go into a bit more detail in my blog post, so check it out if you get a chance. I'd really like to hear what people think of this idea.

    HeneyBlog - RIM and the Media

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    I think that's a fantastic idea. At my branch our sales reps all have company provided BB's. I got everyone using BBM and setup a group, and this has proven invaluable for day to day communication. I can shoot a quick message out to the group and get the answers I need for time sensitive questions, or send individual BBM's to folks rather than take time out to make a phone call. My company saves money because they don't have to pay for texting plans for all their devices, and we get the ability to quickly communicate.

    There's a chance that my regional manager may be getting an iPhone as his next device, so it would be great if there was an iOS watered down version of BBM to keep him in the group, and give him basic chat functions. (I'm trying to convince him to stay BB. He'd be moving from an 8350i to a 9360).
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    I agree that BBM should go 3rd party as managed by Mobile Fusion. It is an incredible efficient communication tool and a value offering incentive for companies to use Mobile Fusion as the standard in MDM.
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