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    Ok, this is a weird one. Client has a...
    BB Pearl 8120 on TMO
    BES and BIS mail accounts.
    One AOL account started re-delivering messages from a few months ago as new (with the old date). All other accounts fine.
    AOL client on PC does not deliver duplicates.
    Tried removing the account from TMO's BIS setup and re-entering.
    Tried reinstalling Berry OS.
    Tried moving to a new SIM and even new Pearl!
    Tried leaving the "new" old messages in the berry inbox thinking it might be some flag error that was causing them to download again.
    Since it's AOL and she's on a free account, I don't have much option from that end.

    Next step I am thinking is to setup a POP AOL client on the PC and see if I can download all those emails and possibly clear.

    Anybody have any other ideas (other than the client moving from AOL, which is already happening).
    01-14-10 10:21 PM