03-01-10 03:52 AM
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  1. dreppucci007's Avatar
    I got a replacement Tour today (trackball issues; go figure) anyway, now I have to re-do this again. Do I need to have the replacement "activated" before I can reinstall .419?

    Disregard; i answered my own question; Yes, you do have to have it activated before updating to .419

    much easier the second time around

    Actually, you don't need it to be activated. I got a replacement Tour (trackball issues again) last week...

    I used BBSAK to wipe the device and load .419 from scratch...Then used the Device Switch Wizard in DM...It's like nothing ever happened to the original Tour.

    It was only once I had all my stuff on the new Tour that I activated it.
    02-24-10 07:54 AM
  2. chan011's Avatar
    i just picked up a 9630 and updated to this OS, but my facebook app, bbm and google talk apps got erased. does this happen everytime i update the OS?

    real noob question but this is my first blackberry
    02-27-10 08:06 PM
  3. jfriend33's Avatar

    for some reason, even if you back up your phone, update the OS, and restore your phone, the applications do not reload. Icons for them generally appear and you must click them and re download them. I Just got a replacement tour due to defective charging port and facebook, myspace, and vz nav all had to be redownloaded not to mention Bolt browser.

    speaking of bolt, bolt browser is amazing on 5.0 on a tour and renders pages so much faster! give 'er a try!
    02-28-10 07:42 PM
  4. Idenlover's Avatar
    If .419 blows out your service books upon restart/battery pull like .484 does?

    I was happy with my sero tour set-up using the "browserhack_sprintmms" books on 4.7. But as soon as I went to the official sprint 484, I lost my browser. I reload, but as soon as it restarts the browser config book goes away. I guess I'm just wondering if all of the previous OS 5 builds have the same type of set-up where they re-download your books.

    Thanks guys!
    03-01-10 03:52 AM
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