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    Good day my honourable members in the forum. thanks for all selfless efforts and objective posts. I am currently using a bold 9700 and am really yearning to buy the bold 9900. my bold 9700 comes preloaded with O.S. 5, after upgrading to O.S. 6 it took away about 180 MB. If i strive to get bold 9900 will i need to upgrade to 7.1 ? why ?
    What is the difference between O.S. 7 and O.S. 7.1 ?
    How many MB will I lose to upgrade from 7 to 7.1 ?
    please help me with clear and objective answers before I make a wrong decision. thanks in advance for your kind answers

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    07-24-12 10:36 PM
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    9900 had pretty decent amount of onboard memory you should not worry about the os size because they will always come in a size which will leave you with enough memory to play around unless you plan to load Quintilian apps on it whihc is definitely gonna eat up all the free memory.
    07-29-12 07:18 AM
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    With the exception of a ATT 9900, you will probably be hard pressed to find OS7.0. OS7.1 is a much better build as it gets rid of numerous bugs that was found in the original released OS7. The difference in 7.0 and 7.1 is HUGE and definitely worth the update
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    07-29-12 07:25 AM