1. Aboodubai's Avatar
    I can get .314 for my bold

    But from what I heard, an official release of o.s 5.0 for the bold will be this month (November) or next month (December)

    And I'm not sure if this is true and would like to know, because if an >official< release for the bold will be available this month or the next, I can wait. Better than having a leak IMO.

    And another thing

    in the new o.s when you select an item, does it highlight in blue like the storm?
    11-05-09 05:37 AM
  2. threedeckstew's Avatar
    the newest 5.0 UI does have the blue highlight when you move over an icon like the storm and a few new fresh buttons. the official release of 5.0 will still have some bugs in it in my opinion as they never sort them all out!

    .314 for my bold is the best so far although is not perfect - sound notifications on some apps dont work but thats about it

    you will be awaiting a while for the official to be released! google a leak and download that instead
    11-05-09 07:15 AM
  3. prettieh_meeh's Avatar
    I just installed the .314 last night...its a nice upgrade from 4.6.297..but the thing is..sms viewer app doesn't work, there's no internet browser option only media net and hotspot browser...when i reboot there's always something new on my sms although ive already opened it. as "threedeckstew" said the sound profiles doesnt work on all apps...i like the threaded sms but i would prefer if the sms viewer app if it works on it...the applications&themes list UI is better...it freezes up a little bit when its on idle for quite some time...the boot screen is better than 4.6...so far i think thats what i saw for this os for a day....ill be updating as soon as i find more bugs or errors...
    11-06-09 03:24 PM