06-25-12 07:30 PM
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    From my point of view, yeah it's done, but no more changes needed. Pretty happy with things.
    Even better, now i need to switch providers and i have an opportunity for another phone, i won't. Because the Torch is good for me now. Iphone, Android are not really an option for me. With the need (this is no option) to use online storage (itunes, google) for contacts.

    At to keep me busy, just keep making my own themes once in a while.

    And for those who thinks a phone is out dated, buy a new one every 6 month. That's mandatory for every phone. As soon as you bought it, it's out dated.
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    People really need to do a bit of homework before buying anything... In RIM's case they have a history of orphaning OS and phones...... This is the price you pay for purchasing from a company that up to this point has not had a standardized OS or phones.... This is being written by a former Storm 2 owner..... So I do know what I speak of....
    06-24-12 01:29 PM
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    Noticed today on the www.handsetdection.com site that someone is running build .745 that got listed. It was on a 9800 Torch with vendor id 107, which is Rogers.

    Maybe a leak will soon follow, or an actual official update from Rogers?

    I know some are happy with the OS 6 build they have now, but the 9800 has been plagued with an annoying suretype/multi-tap bug when the virtual keyboard is in reduced mode - the phone is set to suretype, but always starts off in multi-tap. This has been around since the 600 builds. You have to manually change mode in the menu twice to get it to suretype. And it never sticks - you have to do this every time you start a new typing session (or even get out of the one you're in for too long). A big PITA. I don't like the full keyboard on the 9800, because the keys are just too small and I'm always typing the wrong letter.

    It would be nice if this bug was fixed before the BB 10 phones come out.
    06-25-12 07:30 PM
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