1. Karunamon's Avatar
    Greetings- I've got a Curve 8530 here that I'm trying to get set up with my Google Apps account.

    The account does work, I can receive email, and my contacts and calendar are synched. What I do not have are the options to archive, set labels, and other Google specific options that it looks like I should have. Also, annoyingly enough, I receive *all* email on the blackberry that would get shuffled off to other folders (like Bulk) in the device's main inbox.

    I've tried a factory reset, as well as deleting and readding the account through the device email setup. Some random research said to try using the BIS website, except that just tells me to use the device setup as well.

    Any ideas here? I'm at the end of my rope!
    08-25-12 01:23 PM
  2. lunaticwithin's Avatar
    The advanced Gmail functions are only available from the dedicated Gmail Inbox on the blackberry - it sounds like you are viewing them in the generic inbox.

    From the main app screen press the menu key and select Show All - your Gmail Inbox should then appear. Highlight that icon press the menu key and untick 'hide'.

    You can then press the menu key and unselect Show All.

    As messages go into both folders, you may want to go to your main inbox, press the menu key and select Options - Inbox Management and untick the Gmail account so it does not appear in the generic inbox
    08-26-12 02:28 AM