1. geoffblackberry's Avatar
    Ok so, I'm trying to set up my email on my Blackberry Curve 9360, running OS7. I have two problems with this. Number one, I can't figure out a way to set up my Blackberry email address on it. I go into other addresses , and punch in my credentials, and it keeps saying unable to reach server. Number two, I have my gmail hooked up on the phone, but there is no icon in the app tray for the email. I thought maybe in OS7 they took the icons away, so I went into the messages app, and when I try to send a message, it says no emails configured. I'm not getting any of my emails from that address to me phone either. Can somebody please help me?
    02-25-12 04:55 PM
  2. snoppyman's Avatar
    BlackBerry has made some minor changed since. OS 7 launched. An OS 7 device will not allow you to set up emaIl until you. Have created and logged into BB App World. My guess is to better compete with Andriod. Second, if you Have your GMAil Set and missing Icon it proably Came in hidden not sure whY that happens now but from home screen with the dock open hit the BlacKBerry key (left. Of traCkpad) and select show all icon then unhide the Gmail icon. .
    02-29-12 05:31 AM