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    I performed the latest update to from and app world appears to be missing key applications that were availble in - such as AP News and Poynt. If I go into MyWorld and select AP News, it informs me that the AP News app is not compatible with my device. Anyone else seeing this?

    BB Tour running OS
    10-03-09 07:52 PM
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    I can't even use App World...I can dl the app but says the app world servers are busy when I try to open it..(tried re-install 5 times)..
    10-04-09 06:36 AM
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    I had to wipe and reinstall for a different issue (email font size related) and had to downgrade to the stock OS This did not fix the issue either - it seems like App World is stuck thinking my phone is based somewhere that AP News, Where, BofA Mobile Banking and Poynt are not sold...

    Edit --> I stumbled across another forum that described a similar issue (Upgraded to > Canada: "Paid applications are not available in your country" - BlackBerry App World - General Discussions - BlackBerry Support Community Forums). I tried removing my SIM card, rebooting, opening app world and resetting the aplication cache (go to my world, hold down alt and typing in sequence R, S, T) and all the missing applications now show up and can be installed. There's definately a bug with the location sensing on the Tours and Storms.
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    10-04-09 11:10 PM