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    I keep seeing tweets saying there will be a new OS7 device out in the near future. Now as I was considering buying a Bold9900 this interests me. I'm wondering if anyone else has heard of this?

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    06-18-13 01:47 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    i am pretty sure it will be a lower end device and not another bold
    06-18-13 04:17 PM
  3. afl777's Avatar
    Think I'll just hold off from buying the Bold till I see what's happening.

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    06-18-13 05:48 PM
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    Personally, I wish they would make a 4G version of the Bold 9930 running OS 7. I think there's a number of people that like the trackpad and the phone/BB/back buttons who haven't embraced OS10 devices that would love a 4G Bold.

    How many people and if that is enough to make the device profitable----I have no clue?

    Does anyone think this is a possibility for the rumored new OS 7 device?

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    06-28-13 08:36 AM
  5. ukmight's Avatar
    As BlackBerry made a mention that the Bold 9900 was the favourite and in parallel to that statement the announcement of a new OS 7 device was made, I strongly feel that the newer OS 7 device will be on the lines of 9900.

    However, I feel that this is a regressive decision and a waste of their resources for development of a new product. The OS 7 market is tanking and extra efforts should not be made on this market. They should instead concentrate on building devices for the future.
    The availability of another OS 7 device is going to lead BlackBerry into managing an additional device leading to a higher lack of unified strategy. I sometimes think this might be their strategy of discarding some of the old component inventory lying around in stock.

    I really doubt, we will ever have a well balanced integrated ecosystem.
    06-28-13 09:52 AM

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