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    Just about to install, just wondering if anyone else has tryed this release from vodafone in spain?


    So my Orange UK 8900 has now been running OS5.0.0.411 for nearly a full day.
    After setting up my apps i've found everything works fine.
    Opera mini 5 beta 2 actualy seems to be running better, more snappy. Podtrapper and facebook apps sometimes display a bit funny but self correct after a movment of the trackball (just at startup).
    Main improvments i have noticed are,
    Better battery life on wifi, i'll post another update for battery life when just on the cell network some time at the weekend.
    Faster switching between apps, general navigation of menu's like i said earlyer generaly more snappy.
    I did have an issue with calls at first (no sound from handset speaker) but this was fixed after changing to speaker phone in a call and then back again, followed by a reset. I'm not sure which fixed it but thats what i did and it worked.

    As i also said earlyer i'll update once more testing has been done, but so far so good.

    Big thumbs up to RIM and thanks to Vodafone Spain for releasing the OS.
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    Downloaded it today, works a treat!
    01-10-10 09:24 PM