1. intellekt's Avatar
    Hi everyone, I'm using the 9860 and I'm not too sure when these changes were made but its sort of frustrating. When I go tp view my consolodated inbox and press the blackberry button to bring up th menu, if I want to compose a message as either SMS or MMS it doesn give me the option to choose either or it just shows up as "compose text message". What is really frustrating with this menu is that when you do go and choose compose text message the next screen automatically shows two lines for multiple contact recipients and this takes up pretty much the whole screen when the keyboard is out.

    Even the separate SMS inbox is named "text messages".

    Is this a common change in BB7? Or is this a setting that can be changed?

    If anyone has any answers please let me know. Thanks

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    11-14-11 07:24 AM
  2. Ammunet91's Avatar
    The SMS inbox should say 'Text Messages' underneath it, not SMS. You can't rename it, it's called that on all Blackberry devices now. As for composing an SMS/MMS, the option changes automatically. In other words, when you send a picture, it automatically changes to MMS mode and then goes back to SMS when you send text only. When you choose a contact another space appears for if you want to text multiple recipients, this happens when I select a contact as well and I don't think you have the option to delete it.
    11-14-11 07:44 AM
  3. blueyestm's Avatar
    the second option to add a contact automatically go away on mine when I start texting the message.
    11-14-11 01:54 PM
  4. Ammunet91's Avatar
    the second option to add a contact automatically go away on mine when I start texting the message.
    Yes. That's true.
    11-15-11 12:35 AM
  5. anon(2688478)'s Avatar
    Is there a way to see the recipients in a MMS message that is received? For example, I got a mms picture message from my friend last night and he sent to multiple people. When somone replied to his message I would also recieve a reply but had no idea in was in relation to the origional picure message. Any thoughts?
    01-10-12 08:19 AM
  6. badlydrownedboy's Avatar
    Hello, everyone!

    I am having the same problem as intellekt - when I compose a new text message, there are two lines for contact recipients, and I know the second line is supposed to go away as blueyestm said (like it does in OS 6), but it doesn't. so it does take up a lot of space on the screen. I do hope RIM fixes this.

    I'd appreciate any insight/answers on this issue. Thank you.
    06-17-12 12:19 AM