1. jakegold7's Avatar
    I just got a new blackberry, when i plugged the USB cable into my computer, it charges, but it doesnt show up as a drive
    someone else plugged in their blackberry to my computer (using the same cable) and it recognized it immediately

    any ideas?

    fun facts:
    curve 9320
    windows 7 dell laptop
    got the phone sunday. wasnt connecting, and my carrier recommended i go back in and get a new phone. which i did. today is wednesday, and the second blackberry wont connect either
    i downloaded some drivers from the BB site, didnt help either
    restarted my phone and the laptop numerous times

    thanks in advance
    04-10-13 10:05 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    On the device itself, in settings you need to enable USB mass storage mode...
    04-11-13 09:10 AM
  3. Edgar jensenRios93's Avatar
    if your blackberry cant connect to the computer just go to: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\RIMDeviceManager , and delete all the contents. second: uninstall the BB desktop manager and re-install. this should work. after doing so just reconnect your BB to your computer and click on BB DTM (desktop manager) re-install the OS if you get "ERROR 552 reload software".
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    11-07-13 02:38 PM
  4. SabinaCowan's Avatar
    Thank you ever so much IvanTWilliams. Your advise got my Blackberry working again! I spent hours on phone with phone carrier and Blackberry and they were useless!!
    08-17-15 06:04 PM

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