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    I just got a Blackberry Curve 9310 on Straight Talk on the Verizon network. It was activated on Friday and a former ST number was ported to it. This phone only intermittently receives texts from one specific phone on TMobile. It will get two texts from this phone and then not get a third. We have been trying to troubleshoot this with little success. At one point it would not get any texts from that phone and then after deleting the conversation thread on the BB it started to get them again - but again - tow texts and then no more. Then none even with deleting the conversation thread. Tried a reboot of the BB and then it received a text from this other phone but followed the same pattern. The BB does receive texts sent to it from Google Voice. We have a few days before we cannot return the phone for refund or replacement. Texts from this other phone are essential - and if we are not receiving those texts we don't know what other texts we are not receiving. The BB can text this other phone with no problem and the texts are received by that phone.

    Any ideas?
    05-20-13 12:37 PM
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    You may have to re-register your device on the network. On the 9310, go to options..(The wrench icon), then to device, then scroll down to advanced system settings, then open host routing table, click the blackberry button then register now in the menu. After that is done do a battery pull.

    If that doesn't fix the issue then I would call your service provider for troubleshooting if you haven't already done so.

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    05-23-13 02:23 PM

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