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    Hello All,

    I've downloaded an OS for the Curve 9300 to test on, I then removed some useless apps from it as Voice Activated Dialing using BBH-Tool. Then I wanted to pack it into .exe using a program I have on Windows. I was just trying simple things as removing some useless apps to test with friends first until I get officially into the Hybrid business.

    I packed the OS folder from the Loader Files which is located into Program Files, I created the .exe. Friends of mine downloaded the .exe, installed it on PC, It correctly extracted the files into their Loader folder just as if they used a setup from RIM. But when they tried to load the OS onto their devices. First the Loader gave an error saying Unavailable application (net.rim.platform.ecmascript). It's awkward that even in the Original RIM OS files before shrinking it the net.rim.platform.ecmascript was not there but It was fine. So I asked them to download the Loader from BlackBerry website (which is BlackBerry - Software Updates - New Update Software for BlackBerry Smart Phones - US ). They did which then didn't give the error anymore. When they loaded the OS I created it gave them Error 200 on the BlackBerry, It didn't connect again and refuses to restart, Until they did the brick method of course and used an official OS from RIM. (Yes their Vendor.xml files were removed)

    I need your help knowing exactly what files I need to pack so that the OS installs fine on the devices. Thanks

    Best Regards,
    11-14-12 03:27 PM
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    1. Screenshot your BBH Tool shrink settings.
    2. Email screenshot and link to BBH Tool to friend.
    3. Save the internet lots of redundant bits over throughput.
    4. People with brains say "thank you."
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    11-15-12 03:26 AM

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