1. rocah360's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    i'm building a theme with theme builder and composer and want it to act and look similar to the standard os6.
    So the Banner has to open up this Option/Connection Managment/Clock thing when u click on it. But it's not possible to make this in theme builder, so i had to make a button in composer and refer to this function by myself. But i don't know where to point at... what is the right .cod-file that executes this function?

    The other point is the bar between Profiles and Search. In OS6, it shows up a screen with 3 calendar entrys and missed phone calls/messages/facebook posts, so it shows you the unread items. How is that possible with Composer? I'm already finished building this theme, but these two functions are driving me crazy. Why isn't it possible to make the bar under the banner smaller in theme builder?

    Thanks for helping me!
    03-05-12 09:43 AM