1. ivill's Avatar
    Which font cod is the un-shrink-able one ? I want to shrink all the no necessary fonts,to have more memories,is there anyone who is a crazy rom shrinker ? Let's talking about it.
    06-18-12 08:47 AM
  2. Berryza.com's Avatar
    Hey Ivill,
    The best for you regarding the fonts don't shrink ( Latin - Arial ) and already you can add any font you want to your device that will be much fun
    if you want to know how to add more font to ur phone tell me i will write for u
    Enjoy ur day
    06-18-12 09:06 AM
  3. delfteo's Avatar
    And the memory this hybrid give you as a clean install is very good, after 20 apps installed I have still 28MB free, why you need more.

    Enjoy DelftEo
    06-18-12 08:47 PM