1. zinadork's Avatar
    I would recommend the following changes to App World:
    1. Make "My World" the primary way of updating/uninstalling/archiving all apps regardless of where they originated.
    2. Have "My World" auto search for updates on a regulary basis.
    3. Add top 25 list for games. I don't always search by category, sometimes I just want what's hot.
    4. Faster speed
    5. Add carrier and credit card payments
    6. Add promos and lower minimum prices
    7. Make all "Add-on" apps available via App World. I don't have enough memory to have docs to go always installed, I at least want it always available.
    8. Add a carousel for all of the categories
    9. MAKE DEVICE MEMORY AVAILABLE TO APPS ONLY!!!! Reserve media card for media.
    10. Preinstall it on all devices
    01-20-10 03:20 PM