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    Some things I am sad abt losing with the new OS:

    1) Can't save an individual text because of threaded SMS
    2) Can't forward a text as an email, pin, etc
    3) If a BBM contact sends a text, the profile setting acts like it is a bbm message, not a separate and different text
    4) This is prob because my themes are not made for 5.0, but I can't get a background on both the home screen and app screen. I either get 2 different ones, or the background on the homescreen, and blank/white on the app screen
    5) No more option to separate email and sms inbox (not that I care, I always used combined, but now I have to hide my email inboxes so that a 2nd new mail indicator doesn't show up)
    6) Can't edit the name of default folders (like games, downloads, etc)...instead have to create a new folder and move all the apps to that one
    7) Media "folder"...weird, takes getting used to...I liked having all the media as one icon rather than separate ones but ill get used to it I guess

    And those are my sadnesses for now :P but overall I love the new twists of 5.0 very much and I'm glad the 9000 finally got a pseudo official upgrade! If anybody has some insights or fixes to anything above, I would love love love to know because I do miss those features, small as they were.


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    01-09-10 11:16 PM