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    I've been using BBM for couple days now. It seems to be working fine when my profile is set onto LOUD, VIBRATE, or NORMAL.
    Anyways, starting yesterday, my profile was still set on LOUD but I received messages through blackberry messenger but I did not hear any sound or vibrate whatsoever.
    I went and review my profile for loud and everything was set to how I wanted. - I even clicked "try it" it worked and played just like how I wanted.
    But then, I told my friend to send me a message through BBM - which she did and I didn't play any sound playing or vibrate. Maybe my sounds/alerts through BBM is dead? Also, my red LED doesn't flash anymore. So I don't know when I get any messages through BBM.
    I get calls and receive texts fine- my ringtone plays along with my vibrate just like how I wanted, but I don't know why BBM doesn't do that to me.
    I'm really getting a grip of BBM and starting to use it a lot..
    Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please let me know because it's getting on my nerves! and I don't usually check my phone unless I see the LED flashing or if I hear the sound.
    Please let me know if theres any possible way to fix this issue!
    Oh yeah, I took out the battery while my phone was still on and put it back in - the same issue was still happening. So I really don't know what to do anymore.
    07-15-11 12:30 AM
  2. jackson2788's Avatar
    Well if it continues not to work sounds like you need to call in an have them give you some trouble shooting tips an if that still doesn't work I would have them send me a new phone. What model do you have?

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    07-15-11 02:30 PM