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    I have about 76 entries for each Holiday (i.e. - Independance Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, etc.)

    Everything else in the Calendar appears normal.

    Calendar Configurtion:
    - Default
    - Email 1 (xxxxx @ att.net) - default calendar for new events
    - Email 2 (xxxxx @ gmail.com)
    - Facebook

    If I "Select Calendars" .... all of the Holiday entries disappear when Email 1 (xxxxxx @ att.net) is unselected/unchecked. So... the holiday entries are apparently attached to Email 1 - Calendar.

    But....... The only source for "Holidays" is google (I think). I just went online to the google calendar settings and un-checked the holidays. So far this has not made a difference on my phone.

    BB9900 OS 7.1....267

    I also have a Playbook on OS 2.1. The duplicate holiday entries show up there as well. However...... there are only 38 or 39 entries for each holiday. Accounts on PB include both email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

    What a PITA
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    After about 2 days.... I see no change after unchecking/unselecting the "Holidays" option online in the google calendar.

    Apparently.... they will all be there unless I do a phone wipe and OS install and start over.

    Right now I don't know of any other solution (other than to just leave them there).

    Not sure.... but I wonder if each time a do a reboot if it syncs with google calendar and makes another entry for each "Holiday". Phone has more reboots which would explain 76 entries on the BB9900 and 38 on the PB. ........ just a thought.
    06-14-12 02:02 PM
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    I think I had a similar issue once. It was caused by an extra goggle calendar syncing to my Blackberry calendar, and then Blackberry calendar syncing to goggle main calendar. I think that keeps repeating and keeps adding additional items from the extra google calendar, to main Blackberry calendar, then keeps adding items in a loop. I had to stop syncing the extra google calendar to Blackberry to stop it from propagating.
    06-14-12 09:28 PM
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    I agree.... I just can't figure out why it's doing it and how to undo it.

    I went into the Caldendar menu and clicked on "Select Calendar"
    I selected/checked only 1 accoount at a time and this is what I found checking June 14 - Flag Day

    default - 0 entries for Flag Day
    Email 1 ( @att.net) - 37 entries for Flag Day
    Email 2 ( @gmail.com) - 39 entries for Flag Day
    Facebook - 1 entry for Flag Day

    Not sure what this means..... but...... still trying to figure out how to repair and how to set everything correctly.

    I am not using Google Sync.

    Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > Default Services
    Calendar (CICAL): xxxxxxx @ att.net
    Contact List (SYNC): xxxxxxx @ gmail.com
    Messaging (CMIME): xxxxxxx @ att.net
    06-15-12 11:26 AM