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    I have tried to find the answer to my question(s) but cannot ... my apologies if this has been explained before.

    I am not on BES. My BB is a Torch 9860 on OS 7.1.

    I have several POP3 email addresses/accounts set up on my laptop (Windows 7, Outlook 2010). I only sync Calendar and Contacts. So as to be sure I do not damage the data on my laptop it is on Outlook that I note appointments and new contacts with all syncing from the laptop to the device ... not brave enough to allow two-way syncing having had a nightmare experience some years ago.

    In Outlook I call my email accounts:

    Company01 Work
    Company02 Work
    Company03 Work
    My Name Work
    My Name Private
    My Name Genealogy
    My Name Web

    I work as a consultant for several different companies as well as directly for some clients on my own account.

    In Outlook I have just one Calendar on which I note all appointments categorising them Work or Private etc ... I might have three meetings in one day with three different hats on so I prefer the simplicity of one "diary". I also have one Contact List. Some of the contacts therein will be private but I might also be in touch with these same people when working for Company01 and also with Company03, say.

    So I do not consider either my Calendar or my Contact list to be attached to one particular email - for my purposes the data is general.

    However I have noticed that when I sync my BB feels it has to associate this data with a particular email address. For example, currently the "default placement" for my Calendar is "My Name Private" and for the Contact List is "Company02 Work".

    - My first question is "WHY?"

    When I go back to Outlook I cannot find these associations exist.

    When under "Default Services" in "Options" I try to change this for Contacts, say, I click on "Company02 Work" and I find I have only two options, "Company02 Work" or "Unknown". Preferring "Unknown" as more accurately reflecting the situation all my contacts disappear (they of course re-appear when I re-select "Company02 Work").


    Really would appreciate some help ... I am a believer in "RTFM" but in this case I could not find any help in the manual ... did a word search for Outlook and found just one hopeless mention!
    06-09-12 08:31 PM
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    Both calendar and contact data are associated with a service book on your device. BIS activation places CMIME (email); CICAL (calendar); and (under certain circumstances) SYNC (contacts).

    SYNC is only placed on your device when wireless synchronization of contacts is enabled.

    I have learned that calendar data can be manipulated between these associations from the device itself. If you delete all CICAL service books, then another service book - "Default" - will be used instead. Often when you have multiple CICAL books installed, you might find appointments placed on different calendars. In that instance, you can open the calendar app, go to options, type the word "MOVE" without quotes, and you will be prompted to confirm you want to move all appointment data to the default calendar. That "default calendar" is whichever service book you have selected as the default service in Advanced Options.

    Because you are performing one-way syncs from Outlook to device, this should never be an issue for you. But I wanted to describe what goes on behind the scenes and offer a suggestion. If you would like to clean things up, you can delete all the CICAL service books and all appointments will be associated with the Default calendar.

    Contacts are a bit different. They cannot be transferred between service book associations on the device. If you wish to change their association, you'll need to do a full device wipe - and you should delete any SYNC service books before doing so. Also, when restoring data after the device wipe, you should NOT restore the contacts data. Instead, restore by re-synchronizing once the service books are cleared.

    Again, since you are performing one-way syncs there really isn't an issue about potential data loss from changes made on the device.

    So the answer to "why" is simply that there is one default service selected for each database for synchronization purposes. Because you are performing essentially write operations to the device, the answer to your second question is "very likely not."

    I hope that helps.
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    06-11-12 03:51 AM
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    Your calm and measured advice is appreciated - I will let you know how I get on but in the meantime, many thanks.
    06-11-12 08:38 AM
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    Your calm and measured advice is appreciated - I will let you know how I get on but in the meantime, many thanks.
    Thinking back on my own process of dealing with these questions, I recall much stress and gnashing of teeth as I sifted through duplicate entries, fiddled with service books, searched through KB articles, and so on....but that was a couple of years ago. It is only after the passage of time that I can achieve anything resembling "calm and measured advice" and that description was quite heart-warming.

    It was those experiences as well that make me appreciate your approach of preserving the sanctity of one data source, which synchronizing shall not befoul.
    06-11-12 10:22 AM