1. anon(1341046)'s Avatar
    Hi Guys. I hope someone can help. Me and the Fam are heading to Myrtle Beach in a week. Between us we have 6 BlackBerrys and 2 Playbooks (we have 3teens and a tween). I want to use my 9790 or G/Fs 9810 as a hotspot for the kids to FB, BBM and us to use the playbooks. Last year I used a AT&T Gophone Sim and had 500MB of Data Only for my Android Tablet and it was great.

    Well, I bought a new sim only to find out that plan is no longer available! Any idea if Anyone has a Data Only plan for tablets etc? Not too keen on paying $25+Data for the kids to FB. Wifi at McD's is free
    08-10-12 03:03 PM
  2. kwm1337's Avatar
    I know a friend of mine went driving down from the New England area to Myrtle Beach last week and they had looked into finding the exact same thing for their drive down, and to no avail found nothing at all. It seems like every option that existed as PAYG for hotspot has vanished...
    08-10-12 04:59 PM