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    My little niece got her hands on my verizon blackberry curve and wiped everything clean by entering the wrong password >10 times. I'm actually not sure this is what she did, but I'm guessing because my phone was locked but my contacts/messages/settings are all wiped out and back to factory default. The add-on programs (google maps, espn link, opera) are still installed. Is that normal or did my niece do something special? Either way, is there a way to recover my info?

    Also, the BBM does not seem to be working. I sent my pin to a few of my friends who were with me at the time, and they followed the directions exactly as is described on this site (copy/paste pin, add contacts, etc.). The bbm invites came via gmail even though we used pins and nothing came up within the messenger program. Can someone shed some light on this?

    Last, is there a problem with Verizon and/or gmail today? In the past hour, I've sent ~20 emails from my blackberry. I received responses back from a handful immediately and no responses from several people. I found this strange considering the content of the email required immediate response. I went on my gmail account and found that only half the messages were under the "sent" folder. I've resent service books twice since this morning and have waited the required ~20mins.

    For a little girl, my niece sure can ruin a person's entire day...
    04-18-09 01:33 PM
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    Yep that's exactly what she did (wrong password 10 times over). And no, the only way to recover everything is if you had made a backup though DM or SmrtGuard or other means.

    Otherwise, sorry to say but all your data is gone.

    As for the BBM issue, try resending your service books + a battery pull.

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    04-18-09 01:42 PM