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    9930, OS 7.1.... - official Verizon version.

    I noticed this the other day. I open Memopad and I can see my memos flash on the screen and then "No Memos" and they are all gone. Closed it reopened it once or twice. It finally opened and my memos were there.

    Now it has happened again this morning but so far re-opening it has only shown them flash quickly and then the "No memos" message appears.

    I used BB Protect to restore them. The first time I tried to open, I got the same "No memos" but upon doing it again, they are back. But now I'm not sure I can trust what had never been an issue before. Again, just as I open Memopad, I can see the list of my memos and then BOOM, they are gone and I get the "No memos" screen.

    Has anyone seen behavior like that?

    Thanks in advance.

    I did post in the 99xx forum but it may be more an OS7 issue???
    04-05-12 12:06 PM