1. James67's Avatar
    I have just discovered that after installing I do not have a memo pad any longer and the games that I originally had on the device are gone as well. Did this happen to anyone else? Dont care so much for the games. How do I get the memo pad back?
    01-17-10 07:52 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    If the games were 3rd party apps, you'll need to restore them from a 3rd party app backup, if you made one, or simply reinstall them. Memopad is simpler. Assuming you have installed on your PC, run the App Loader and check the box for it. The App Loader will install it for you.
    01-17-10 08:59 AM
  3. cntrydncr223's Avatar
    when I upgraded (238), i lost memo pad as well. e1 told me to reinstall with ap loader, but it just wasnt' there... i purchased action pad, as it said it was a "replacement" for memo pad, but it actually NEEDS memo pad to work.

    after i installed 190, memo pad came back.
    good luck.
    01-17-10 12:51 PM
  4. 3G.BoldBerry's Avatar
    Yep action pad is a waste for this, I too buy it to replace memopad but it needs memopad to work I don't get it. Shouldn't it work without memopad. Totally waste of my money. I haven't upgraded to 5.0 411 yet but don't looks like I need it. Everything is running fine. Does anyone know if the upgrade gives hrs more on batt life? And speedy thumb nails and good radio?

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    01-18-10 01:46 PM
  5. LittleRedDot's Avatar
    You have to check everything that you want it to load when you upgrade. It's all the way down at the botton, so you might have missed it.
    01-18-10 03:50 PM
  6. cntrydncr223's Avatar
    LittleRedDot, I know that's what they say, but it simply wasn't there. I've heard of this issue multiple times since it happened to me. No matter how many people said it was overlooked, it could be loaded thru ap loader, you're just not seeing it, the truth is, it just was not there. (and yes, it's in the 5.0 OS I installed after that).

    yes, 3G.boldberry, i agree wholeheartedly that it seems a waste if action pad requires memo pad to run. if we still had memo pad, we wouldn't be searching for it's "replacement". After spending many hours trying to fix the problem, reading many posts, researching the various products, finally picking one, purchasing it, downloading it, only to find out it doesn't work and can't be refunded (blackberry ap world, refused to refund the money. another hard lesson learned - they are not a consumer friendly store), i posted a "buyer beware" right after it happened to me, and was slammed 3 ways to sunday for my inabiliity to read, failure to research, and general overall stupidity, but i stand by my feeling that it's stupid and dishonest to advertise something as a "replacement" item when it's an "add on" item and requires the original to be of any value.

    sorry you had to learn the lesson the same way i did.
    01-18-10 04:07 PM