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    I thought I'd add a post here as I've been searching the web for a week and didn't find an answer

    Basically my problem was that all of a sudden, I was not receiving meeting requests and updates from my wife (we notify each other of things we are doing so we don't double book each other) and I couldn't send anything to here either

    The requests were being received on my PlayBook and I could seem then in Outlook and gmail website, but just were not appearing on my phone

    Also I then discovered that my calendar sync wasn't working

    Tried loads of things including changing settings on the gmail calendar website but to no avail

    Tried disabling and then re-enabling calendar sync via the e-mail setup app on my phone and it didn't work


    In the end I resorted to doing the following

    1. Log into my BB account administration website provided by T-Mobile
    2. Delete out my e-mail accounts
    3. Battery pull my 9900
    4. Re-add my e-mail account via the website enabling calendar, contacts and deleted items sync.
    5. Authorise the account on my blackberry via the app

    Now all is working

    Apologies to those who knew this, but I'd been googling and seen posts with exactly the same problem, but no answers!!!
    05-02-12 07:38 AM