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    I have not been able to connect BBM to any apps since December. It always hangs on Step 2. I cannot find a solution to this problem. I said in another thread I would wipe my device (BBSAK) again to try to find what is causing it.

    All latest official versions grabbed automatically through DM & App World
    ATT Torch 9800
    I did not update App World when prompted.

    I chose Twitter because it comes installed with the OS and it only recently has the ability to connect, so I know it wasn't causing the problem in December. I started logging my steps the third time I wiped my device. That was when I signed into my BIS after installing and connecting Twitter, then installed and tried to connect Endomondo Free. Since then I have set up email first thing, deleting and re-registering my gmail account from my PC and my phone, resending service books, every different way I can think of, install Twitter, and cannot connect to BBM. I cannot create a new BIS account with out calling, the BIS website tells me.

    I have done all the troubleshooting I can think of and I am at a dead end. Is there anyone that can help me fix whatever is in my BIS that is preventing BBM from connecting to apps?
    04-07-12 04:39 PM