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    Of course I didn't back it up before my last OS upgrade, but it is backed up from other installs. How does one go about convincing DM or maybe BBSAK to use an older backup? I can find the data fin the older files, but how do I get it back onto my Storm? I only want the Password keeper data at this point, the rest is not needed
    01-03-10 09:37 PM
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    Ah Ha, search is a good thing, though digging through all the info to glean the info you need is a challenge. But I did find this, and I will post it again for the next poor guy who does the same thing I did.

    Lesson learned. Always Back up, before you upgrade.

    Try this. Open DM, open Backup/Restore, then open Advanced. A window will open with a split pane. Click on File in the upper left of the window. Navigate to your Backup.ipd file. Open it and the left pane will be populated with the databases in your backup file that can be restored to your new BB. Click on the Password Keeper database. There should be a nuber next to it that indicates how many records are in the database. Now clck on the button in the middle, between the two panes with the >> on it. This will transfer the Password Keeper database to your new BB.

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    01-03-10 10:10 PM