1. LesTaTCroSS's Avatar
    want to upgrade my os to 5.0 and sure i can do since i tried once but got a error installing a bad copy of 5.0 missing files for setup and managed to get ny phone back to normal. i want to get the nice themes out there for my phone my carrier is sprint. can anyone help me to a link with a good download for my phone. also do i need the hybrid files to use the hidden today features? thank you all for being so cool with shareing all the stuff that crackberry provides
    12-26-09 02:15 PM
  2. LesTaTCroSS's Avatar
    Correction: Looking for OS 5.0* For Curve 8330m (Sprint) if anyone can point me to it, I'd appreciate it!
    12-26-09 04:10 PM
  3. tonynaia's Avatar
    As far as I know, the 5.0.xxx Operating systems are not compatible with the 8330m. A lot of people have tried, and no one has been successful thus far.
    12-26-09 04:12 PM
  4. LesTaTCroSS's Avatar
    thats not what i wanted to hear. dame that sucks. thanks
    12-27-09 12:20 AM
  5. lfloyd5's Avatar
    I feel ya.....I have the Sprint 8330m as well and I want the 5.0 OS as well. I will be happy wit 4.7 lol....something lol.
    12-27-09 06:18 PM
  6. E_Brown's Avatar
    12-28-09 09:14 AM