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    I have never used a hybrid OS, I tend to stick to the latest beta releases with my Blackberry's. My 9900 has been an exception though as I installed for the simple fact that I can have hotspot on AT&T without paying for it. It bugs me that I'm on such an old OS and I just can't update for fear of losing my hotspot. So my question is, simply, is there a simple hybrid which uses the latest (or near latest) 7.1 for the Bold 9900 which includes the hotspot files from .267 or any other OS that will allow me to have my hotspot?
    08-28-12 10:49 AM
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    No. Unfortunately, the .267 files would be too old to be compatible with the newer OS files, so this would not work.
    08-29-12 12:18 AM
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    So there is no hybrid that can get me my hotspot without having to pay carrier fees?
    08-30-12 12:16 PM
  4. Kimberly Boals's Avatar
    So there is no hybrid that can get me my hotspot without having to pay carrier fees?
    Not any current ones that would be what you are looking for (latest OS files + hotspot). The .267 files and any files previous to them that allowed for hotspot are too old to be compatible with the newest OS files, so they would not work in an up to date hybrid. I would stick with your .267 if that works for you and you get hotspot because there is no alternative that will have the latest OS files. I am in the same boat with you, only with OS .318. I use that one and never update because of 2 reasons: 1. I can't update to the very latest OSes bc the microphone doesn't work on AT&T and no one can hear me on calls and 2. I haven't found any others with better battery life. So unfortunately, even if it were possible to have those old hotspot files mixed with the latest OS files, you probably wouldn't want to since you are on AT&T. You would likely have the mic issue, so you'd have hotspot but no ability to make phone calls. The mic issue doesn't affect all AT&T users, as it seems to be a regional issue, but the odds of you being one of the few in an area that the new OSes work in is not good. Most AT&T users are affected. So my advice is to stick with .267, if you can't live without hotspot, and stay far away from any new OS updates until/if one comes out that people confirm actually works properly on AT&T without mic issues (but of course it won't have hotspot even then so...). Sadly we AT&T users are the only ones stuck using old OSes bc they refuse to release a 7.1 OS and want people to pay for hotspot.
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    09-09-12 03:00 PM
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    sooooooo, in the same line of thought but not, does anybody know if it would be possible to run a less buggy OS 5 instead of the OS 7 in the 9900 ?
    09-09-12 04:14 PM