1. iwingo's Avatar
    Will Live Search work in any OS above
    I use it a lot and really like it but it hasn't worked in any of the Betas I've tried so I'm stuck at .185! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
    01-14-09 09:34 AM
  2. Summett's Avatar
    No, i don't believe it will for anything over .185. I've tried w/ the beta's above that and haven't gotten it to work (as others will probably post).

    I've been using Tellme as a substitute, along w/ some Telmap for navigating but i like Live Search as a 'look up' better. Have to wait 'til they hook us up.
    01-14-09 10:15 AM
  3. ncbuckeye's Avatar
    This has been covered 345 times!
    01-14-09 03:07 PM
  4. Crackberrykills's Avatar
    Indeed, however, let's do it again.

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    01-14-09 03:09 PM