1. PacmanUK1's Avatar
    Just got a message when i opened the app today that Line will be ending support on 3rd July 2017.

    I get the feeling that everything is pushing me to get android or ios.. i dont want it! grr

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    04-04-17 07:30 AM
  2. Drenegade's Avatar
    I guess you're talking OS7 devices? As far as I remember, there was never a Native BB10 LINE messenger.

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    04-04-17 07:57 AM
  3. PacmanUK1's Avatar
    There was, i downloaded it on my Q10 too. But as the screen needs replacing I haven't gotten round to doing it yet so no idea if they are ending support for that too.

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    04-05-17 08:53 AM
  4. wuberry's Avatar
    That's really disheartening, most of my friends wouldn't download Line to communicate, but it was my greatest hope for an up to date IM client, having just recently bought and connected a Bold 9900. I'm learning to program, but there really isn't any way I could imagine having to create an IM client with such limited knowledge and skills. My first real idea is another IG client because the one by Jared Co. has vanished. Oh well.
    04-06-17 10:47 PM
  5. atree.english's Avatar
    so disapointed with whatsapp then line. I asked my wife to install bbm on her iphone and now we can text each other via bbm. anyway it's just a tool for communication

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    09-25-17 10:09 PM
  6. PacmanUK1's Avatar
    I wasn't best pleased either. My brother only uses line since his moved to Japan a few years ago & my mother is on there too.

    Also an annoying gripe is that you can still download it from the BB store & as i had the app installed till a few days ago I was wondering why no one was replying back to me.. When you open the application it doesnt even mention that they have ended support.

    My mother & a few friends have installed BBM but its buggy on non blackberry phones.

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    09-29-17 01:59 PM

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